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Spark SSO / Default Profile

As many of you know, you can create a “Default Profile” that when everyone logs into a system for the first time they are presented with a profile on their computer (copied from the NETLOGON directory on the server) that is setup with all the settings you want them to have.

I would like to include Spark in this. But, if I setup the Profile with spark configured (as the user that I created the profile with) it does create the spark directory just fine, but within it it has values like:




So, when that is copied to the server and another person logs in for the first time, it tries to go in as the above user and not a new one. Can I remove the “password” and “username” lines and have it auto-fill those in on the first attempt to login? Can Spark be added to the default profile with SSO?

edit the spark.properties file like the sample i provided. You need to enter a real server name. Any option i left blank needs to be left blank. This is for SSO.
spark.properties (940 Bytes)