Spark SSO interface bugs

Trying to use SSO in Spark can be an exercise in frustration

  1. Launch Spark

  2. click Advanced, go to the SSO tab.

  3. Turn on “Use SSO”

  4. click OK.

  5. Fill in the server name

BUG: Note that the Login button is now disabled

  1. Close Spark.

Examine the file.

BUG: Note the lack of important options, such as “server”, which had been filled in.

  1. Launch Spark again

BUG: Note that it attempts to login automatically, despite that option never being selected and despite login being impossible due to the lack of a server option.

BUG: Note that SSO is now disabled.

BUG: Note that the “Server” field is blank again.

In order to use SSO in spark you must login successfully once with spark or manually set the preferences in the file.

Sounds like a catch-22. I must log in before I can log in?

It’s certainly a bug in any case.

I entered a support ticket for you on th this issue:

Thanks much.

Would it be better as separate bugs, though?

1: Login button is disabled after turning on SSO and typing in the server field

  1. Server name isn’t stored until a successful login

  2. autologin preference is stored as on even though the user interface indicates that it is off.

3a. autologin is attempted even when requisite information is not available

  1. SSO is turned off when an SSO login fails.

I guess they’re all relatively small bugs though, so perhaps it’s fine to combine them…Dunno how Jive prefers to handle such things.