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Spark startup error issue 2.8.3

Hi , Dbeato,
I have installed openfire 4.1.6 on my local pc and spark 2.8.3
I am not using expertnal db and followed normal installation with default settings on spark and openfire.
As it was not working I chagned xmpp.fqdn and xmpp.domain to my website name,
Now in spark I am entering username, psw and mywebsite name as domain name but it gives error "Unknown Connection Error, please review logs"
I have also mark checkboxes disable certificate host name and accept all certificate. But its not working.
Can you please help?
Thank you

keshu, just changing xmpp.domain to your website won’t make it work magically. You will have to create DNS SRV (and probably more) records on your website to point to your local pc, if that pc is even accessible from the internet.

I do not want to use my domain name if its hard.

Can you tell me what’s standard way to make it work? I previously used default IP provided by openfire it was and tried but in that also it didnt work out.

I have static IP address from my ISP or can use any general oen you suggest. I only want to use spark in local enviornment.

Please guide.

Thank you

You can try reading this guide http://www.wroot.lt/wp/technology/very-basic-openfire-spark-guide-en/ if you don’t have DNS, you can try using IP to login in Spark, but i would still suggest to rename your Openfire domain to something different, even if this name won’t work in the network.

This guide seems for windows server 2008 OS but I am using normal Windows10 OS for Home version.

Can you suggest best guide to setup? if you can solve my issues I am ready to hav tem viewer session and can share my screen or can opt for paid support if it is there.

Thank you

I don’t have time to do real time remote support. This guide should work for any Windows or even Linux. Although, i’m not sure if you can manage services in Home version (seems that it should be possible, but i have never tried this on Home versions). There are some basics that you need to know to understand how XMPP technology works. Read the 5 section “If you don’t have DNS”. You can still put your server’s name into Spark and put its IP in the advanced settings, so it would use IP to find your server, but would use its name to login. It’s important to login to XMPP server by using its domain name, not just IP instead of domain name.