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Spark SVN Builds

Everything is looking like its moving nicely. I do have a simple question, however. When I run the latest builds on OS X, it looks…like crap. The UI elements are flaky in the message window. The tabs, for example, have disappearing elements when moused over. The text is no longer anti-aliased, which is the primary contributor to ugliness.

Also, the dock icon no longer bounces and I don’'t get Growl notifications. Any ideas?




Hi Daniel,

Yes, still working on the new tab framework for the next release, so the disappearing text will be fixed. As for the contact list, it looks like the new one looks a million times better than the old one. Is it not to your liking? The one thing on the mac that will be different is the look of the tabs. The reason for this stems from moving from commerical component libraries to custom libraries to allow for open sourcing of the client. I will try my best to at least make it not look like crap



I love the new look for the most part. The only part that doesn’'t “gel” on OS X is the location of the menu system, but I can deal with that. Honestly, the only reason it looks ‘‘like crap’’ is due to the lack of font AA. Is this something you can “fix” ?

Hi Brent,

It actually is something that I can fix easily. It’'s just a matter of adding a parameter to the startup.


Also, keep the MAC issues coming. I very much want it to be up to speed with the windows version.



I went ahead and marked the question answered and I’'ll add things as I find them.

The only other thing I can think of at the moment besides menu location and font-aa is the notification of a new message. I used to receive both a Growl notification and endless dock icon bouncing when I received a message. Now I don’'t get anything. Not even when its the first message received. The preferable default action would be as it was before…neverending dock icon bouncing. There should, however, be a preference we can set to either disable the bounce or tell it to bounce only once. Growl notification was fine the way it was before, which is to choose the plugin from the plugins window and require zero configuration.

Feel free to ask for more info or tell me to stfu

I am interested also in finding out how to configure my spark to give the endless bouncing of the icon in the dock when there is a message pending like it used to in older versions. When i receive a message now i get just one bounce…I am using v2.0.8 on OS X 10.4.9



Hi guys,

I am adding back in endless bouncing Actually, I just started development on my new iMac and improving the small things all over. Hopefully, you guys will enjoy.