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Spark Taking So much System Memory (mre then 45Mb)


why spark 1-1-4 is taking so much system memory…

its taking more then 45 MB memory…

and its taking page file memory also…

i tried some other client. like (neos and game.)

all the other taking maximum… 25MB (neos is taking max 15 MB)

can i know why this difference?

i tried it more then 7 system ( all are windows Xp with service pack 2)

if any way to reduce it… let me know…

thank you…



Spark is a java program so it needs memory for the java interpreter (virtual machine) and for itself.

Sun is working on Java 1.6 which should use less memory, and Jivesoftware also tries to modify some of the code to get a lower memory footprint like happend in SPARK-274.


thanks LG

thanks for the information…

lets things happen in good way…

can u suggest any chat client




I wonder what requirements you have. There are the application ones and you probably want to have some support or a special license.

So you better check http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtml or similar pages like http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/JID#Clients .