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Spark ThinApp / Portable?

Hi Community,

Openfire and Spark are greate but the Spark Client is very big with compare with other im clients and needs admin rights to install it
May in Future exsist a Small / Portable Version? Or directly avaiable as MS SSCSM Package or AppV for Distribution?

Or does somebody know a other client similar to spark with printscreen function?



I can only say that there is probably no chance to see lighter Spark version, unless not built on Java. There are no plans for Portable/etc. version.

Thats pitty.
I created a portable Version from Spary with VM Ware ThinApp.

But when i start it i need type in additional Admin credentiels for add to the local firewall.

I gove the Spark Client to our Package Builder.

If he is able to make a MS SSCM Package or AppV i will publish here in the forum for the community



Hi Rene,

I start another discussion to distribute spark to our clients in the company: http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/49665

Maybe this topic is also interesting to create a “portable” version of spark. I think it is possible if you only use windows clients for example. You can create a self extracting rar or zip file to distribute spark to your client machines.