Spark Though A HTTP Proxy


Tried Spark Beta through a http proxy. Set the various settings in Spark advanced setting does not seem to do the trick.

Looked at a packet sniff with http proxy set and network traffic goes direct to a test WildFire server.

Used a HTTP proxy on port 80 and not the Spark client default port. The WildFire IM server is running on port 80 and connects Ok with a direct connection from Spark.

The proxy is running Ok but that is not the issue since the Spark traffic does not route to the proxy.

Doing the same thing with selecting Socks proxy, network traffic is routed to the proxy server.

Might have missed the obvious but has anyone see this before or have the trick for getting the http proxy settings to work?




the HTTP proxy is as far as I know only used to check whether a Spark update is available when connected to a Wildfire server with the right plugin (SparkManager or Enterprise).

Spark and Wildfire do not support HTTP Binding, so trying to use XMPP over an HTTP proxy should fail.



You may well be correct but why does the Spark conection route to the proxy when Socks is used?

I had a quick look to find the source to check but did not find an obvious link to donwload, do you happen to know the correct link?

Thanks for the feedback.

Br Ajs offers an SVN client to access

You may wait one day, tomorrow an official version should be released together with Spark 2.0



Good pointer, I will have a look.


BR Alan

Did some more tests and can confirm that Spark ver 2 does work though a SOCKS proxy. For general information, this was though a BlueCoat proxy appliance.

From this it seems reasonable that a http proxy will or should also work.

Investigating further.

Br Ajs


it was discussed long time ago, I just did find the thread reviewing my Watches.


It works!

Not with the official version anyhow, you will need to patch the current one (compile Smack).

The patch requires a proxy which accepts HTTP CONNNECT as defined in RFC 2616 - most proxies (for example squid) do this. But most cache administrators allow HTTP CONNNECT only to port 443 so it would be a good idea to change Wildfires port 5223 (old SSL) to 443.

It one is interested in this it may help to say so, so one may add this code to Smack and Spark.