Spark time zones


I am currently using Spark 2.5.8 on Windows Vista and the time that appears when the messages get sent within Spark appear to be 1 hour earlier than the time on my computer (ie i will send a msg at 11.22 am in my computer (correct time) and it will appear in Spark as 10.33 am). This only began happening when day light savings began so this is the obvious reason. Could someonwe please let me know hw i can change the time on spark to the correct time? Thank you

I created Spark.vmoptions file beside the Spark.exe and wrote:


inside of that file. It’s plain text file. Change this to your timezone.

Check what time is on your server and what timezone is set in Openfire.

Thank you for your reply’s, however, I have to say my computer knowledge is not to advanced and so i am having trouble understanding your responses. Is someone able to guide me through this or how to check the time on my server and the time in openfire? Thank you

What OS are you using for server? Windows Server? Then right click on a clock and select date and time settings and check timezone. Make sure it is correct for your geographic position. In Openfire you can also check timezone in Admin Console (Server manager > Language and Time).