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Spark to Sip calling using the pluggin asterisk-im


I succed to configure openfire and asterisk with asterisk im pluggin every thing is ok (phone mapping and asterisk server connection and calls context).

As i saw in a wireshark sniff (without TLS encrypting) and according to asterisk -im pluggin Readme, it uses an XMPP namespace “phone” when clicking Call on a contact in spark buddy list to start an action “phone” dial which give to asterisk-im the callerid and the callee jid or sip number (dialed).

So asterisk im just starts SIP call ie an INVITE through asterisk (making the link between the JID and the SIP extension recorded in phone mapping) on the extension… till here i think i’m right

The problem is when i start a call on the JID=user2 (whose device is SIP/102) from JID=user1 (SIP/101) 's buddy list, i get the SIP phone 102 rigging!!! (i was attempting to get 101 on the phone), this is the same when i try to reach any JID else in user2 buddy list.

Watzup??? if you guys can help!

That’s because it needs you to be on the phone. It calls you first then calls the other ext.