Spark trying to write a file unsuccessfully

i have noticed that spark is attempting to write a file unsuccessfully to


process id of spark is 13100

it attempts to create this file every second

os is windows 8.1

I think i saw similar report many years ago. From what i have found on the Internet, this might be an issue with exe4j (part of install4j) which is used to produce exe files for Spark. I have filed a few tickets. Once install4j is updated on our Bamboo instance and we have new installers, then we will check again and if the issue persists, then we might try reach out to ej-technologies to clarify this matter.

[SPARK-1703] Spark is constantly trying to access e4j_pxxxx.tmp file - Jive Software Open Source

[WEB-39] Update Install4j to the latest 6.0 version - Jive Software Open Source

After updating install4j to 6.0.4 version and building the new installer i don’t see the same issue anymore. Feel free to test yourself