Spark unable to reach server

I just installed Openfire and Spark on my PC/Windows 7 and am trying to use it over internal LAN. I set up the server just fine and am able to create a user/log in on spark just fine on the same machine but I am having trouble connecting from another computer on the network. It is saying “invalid name or server not reachable”. I have put in firewall exceptions on this computer for the programs, but still no use. Not extremely technically inclined, so it’s probably something simple I’m missing. Thanks in advance.

What do you put into Server field in Spark? You can try putting computer’s name (with Openfire installed) or its IP address.

I tried the IP address on both computers. It works on mine, but not on the other end.

Try disabling the firewall on the computer with Openfire. If that works, then your exception is wrong. You should open 5222 port on the Openfire side.

I tried turning off the firewall already and still nothing. Same error pops up. Maybe it’s hopeless. I’m running on a service you have to pay for kind of like an airport hotspot. Would the administrator block this traffic through the router?

Well, i can’t say what is happening there. But this error usually mean that Spark can’t reach/see the server, which means server is off or is no accessible because of firewall ot some other blocking.