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Spark update problem: jniwrap.dll in use

When updating spark, my clients are running into this error:

C:\Program Files\Spark\resources\jniwrap.dll

Could not create this file. Shall I try again?

It appears that this file is in use. Spark is not running and was shut down by the updater before it ran the installer. However, after waiting approximatly 1 minute, they are able to click Yes and the file is overwritten. I assume there’‘s some sort of shutdown routine that something goes through that uses this file. Is there anything that can be done about this? It’'s confusing my clients and screws up the install if they click Cancel.

Hi Azink,

This is an issue with the native wrapper we are using. I’'m looking into replacing this completely in the next release of Spark. We here are also able to repro this on some machines during an upgrade.



Thanks ddman.