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Spark Update Question

When I fire up Spark, I get the message:

A new version of Spark (1.1.1) is available.

Would you like to install?[/i]

This confuses me for two reasons:

#1) That is not the update message I have listed in the SparkManager Plug-in.

#2) When I click on the “Yes” button… nothing happens.

What exactly is supposed to happen? Hard to troubleshoot because I’‘m not sure where it’'s supposed to be going.

Thanks in advance!

Hmm. It sounds like you might have the online version specified in the SparkManager. Is this the case?


How do I check this? In the Wildfire Admin Console, I went to Spark Manager > Client Settings, but didn’'t see anything that fits that description…

What is the version you have checked in Spark Manager?


Do i have to preserve build names as i have downloaded them? Because i like to rename my installs usually.


spark_1_1_1.exe 02/20/2006 12:55:10 PM


spark_1_1_1.dmg 02/20/2006 12:51:45 PM

It recognizes that there is a new version when I put a new one in there. So it’‘s like the SparkManager is 50% working. It’‘ll notify (with some default message, not mine), but doesn’'t do anything after that.

Just wondering if anyone still had any ideas on this…

Hi Cam,

Are you running Spark Manager 1.0.2? I’'m just wondering if you are using https or not? If you look at links to manually download, is it using https or not? If so, then upgrading from 1.0.0 to 1.1.1 should work just fine. There was an issue in the older versions of Spark (pre-1.0.4).


My Spark Manager is version 1.0.1.

I’'m having a heck of a lot of difficulty trying to download the newest version tho.

jivesoftware.com vs jivesoftware.org[/b]

An account is free and gives you central access to evaluations and licenses. It also automatically creates a Jive Software support forums account. Using that, you can ask questions during your evaluation.

This is the Jive Software support forum, correct? When I enter my login information (cam815 & correct password), it tells me it’‘s Invalid on jivesoftware.com. The goosechase I have to go on to download it confuses me off the bat - but now I’'m confused even more - do I need to reregister on jivesoftware.com?

Also, I am not using https. The download link for my client is http://chat.pressenterprise.net:9090/plugins/sparkmanager/getspark?os=windows and works fine (internally). The oldest Spark clients on my network are 1.0.3.

do I need to reregister on


Yes you have to register a separate login. I agree that there is too much mess with FREE plugin downloading. And JS.com is even working slower than JS.org and is connecting with liveassist.jivesoftware.com all thetime though i JUST need to download some 8KB zip…

Ok, after jumping through 15 hoops just to get to this link:


Installed it and will be testing it tomorrow.

Downloading the newest version, 1.1.0, now downloads the current update and installs it!

It still uses that canned message instead of mine tho But at least it is functional now.

Hi Cam,

It should show during download your comments. It is not? What is it showing?