Spark usage information?

Is there any way to obtain usage information to see if our clients are actually utilizing Spark. My supervisor wants to see if the implementation is being utilized by the small test group we have prior to rolling it out further. We have all users set to have Spark launch at startup and auto log in, so they are always logged in, so we can’t use that as a statistic.

Are you archiving their chats? You could see it that way.

We are, is there a way to see these on the Web Admin Client?

Not sure, for compliance reasons we cannot archive chats. I’d imagine its there in the Openfire log directory. That way you dump the logs to excel and remove the duplicates, would just a guess though.

If you are using Monitoring Service plugin, then go to Statistics menu in Admin Console (second top line of menus) and you can change time span to 7 days, or go to All Reports and set it to more specific time span. I guess you will be interested in how many conversations are going on during the day or like that.

Josh C wrote:

Not sure, for compliance reasons we cannot archive chats. I’d imagine its there in the Openfire log directory.

Actually, one can use Monitoring Service just for stats without archiving actual chats (but i think it still needs to record who talks to whom for the stats, not sure, needs testing). There is also an internal Message Audit Policy (disabled by default) in the Server Settings menu. It will save conversations into Openfire\logs in the xml format when enabled. But it will be harder to gather stats from that (not a very readable format and xml will use most of the logs size).

Ok, it doesn’t have to record who talks to whom , for how long and number of messages to keep stats. But it shows in the real time who is talking to whom. So not completely anonymous.

I apologize, I’m still pretty new to Spark and OpenFire, but I assume the Monitoring Plugin you’re referring to is the one listed here : Ignite Realtime: Openfire Plugins

How do I go about installing that? The read me says to simply copy the Monitoring.jar to the Openfire Plugins directory of my Openfire installation, however under c:/program files(x86)/Openfire all I have is ‘conf’ and ‘resources’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit : Decided to stop being an idiot and try uploading the plugin via the OpenFire Web Admin interface, giving that a shot first.

Edit 2 : Nothing happening, determined that the server version is a little too old, following through with update now.

Edit 3 : Got the OpenFire server update, all is good! Thank You!