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Spark users receiving wrong messages

So users A and B are messaging each other. Also, users C and D are also messaging each other. User C receive messages from users A and B, but they are under D’s name and no connection to users A and B. Just very strange. Had this happen several times.

That’s very unexpected. What software versions are you using? Can you run Spark with its debugging window open, and share the XMPP data when this occurs again?

I think I know what the problem is. This can happen if the user logs in from 2 devices to his account. Messages will not arrive correctly.

To avoid this, I use ClientControl to use “Version as Resource”

And in the Openfire settings

Incidentally, this can be resolved if users use Spark 3.0.0 above, because the default resource is “Spark”.In the Spark 2.9.x branch - Computer name.

I know this is very late, but yes that was the problem. I saw your solution and talked with the user right away and then got pulled to another problem and never got back. Thanks for your.

Dont worry, the issue has been fixed in the nightly builds of Spark 3.0.0 this summer. Happy to help.