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Spark using full name of AD user. How to remap this to sAMAAccountName?

So currently have an implementation where openfire is configured to allow users to login via basic auth or gssapi. Spark users login via Kerberos. All works as expected. When users log in with spark, it shows their Full Name (ex. Test User) at the top above the “online” indicator. The users actual username is testuser. Is there a way to remap this to user the username/sAMAAccountName field instead?

On openfire I have set ldap.nameField to sAMAAccountName so from the openfire admin console I see users showing their names as “testuser” instead of “Test User”. Seems Spark pulls some other info or gets the full name from somewhere else?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Believe I figured it out:

Needed to change the vCard mapping for: