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Spark v2.5.4 Bookmark Problem

Installed the client and when to the list of chat rooms. I booked marked my favorite ones and set one to join at startup. The room will not open at startup and the bookmarks are not ther, I have to re-add them each time.

Other info that might help:

Client = Spark v2.5.4

OS = OSX v10.4.9

Server =Wildfire v3.0.1

PS. The Spark client is getting better all the time. I would just like to say thanks to the Dev. team!


I have found the problem… It was not a client issue, but a server setting. I have the server set to NOT store users settings (I force Roster publication). As soon as I enabled that option all worked fine. I did however turn it back off as to prevent the users messing up thier Roster.

So No problem, admin error.