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Spark v2.5.8 does not show other Spark v2.5.8 user logins and logouts (EZ Fix?)

I am running OpenFire v3.4.2 and Spark Clients v2.5.8. Spark clients are fresh installs with default settings. (15 total)

The problem is that when a Spark user logs out … they still appear to be logged in. They login and people don’t get the notice or know they are logged in or out until they logout and login themselves. Kind of confusing, but it is like the “refresh active connection list” is not working or refreshing to the other Spark v2.5.8 clients.


I just played around with the groups and it appears that this is an issue with groups. I have users that are in groups and some users that are not in groups. This appears to be VERY relative to the issue. If I add a user that is not in the group to the group … I get the login and logout updates as expected.

Scenario: I am in a group called “Development” and I have a co-worker that I added that is not in any group at all. I am not able to see if that user comes online UNLESS they are a member of a group (any group). However, they can see me login and logout without issue since I am a member of a group.

So … the issue is that users that are not associated with a group do not send their login/logout information to individual members of a group, unless they are a member of a group themselves. Simple Enough.

Is there a fix? Without adding or removing members from a group?

Hrm. It actually sounds like like the ungrouped roster items code is not behaving correctly. I’ve seen this in other forms before … like when you right click on one of these items you’ll see that the Move to and Copy to and such don’t really work. Other things seem to misbehave. Just to help narrow down the issue, would you mind trying another client (something like pidgin/adium x maybe?) to see if the ungrouped contacts function correctly there?


As a matter of fact, we also use the iMov Pocket PC client that appears to be working correctly, but then again they are part of the mobile group.

I will try a new windows client and see if perhaps the issue is resolved, but we have no plans to move away from spark bugs or not.

I did notice a bug that when a user was added to a group and then removed from the group, they would not show in the roster on the Spark client.

The fix was to completely delete the user and then re add them.

I will have to play more with it later.

I am in the IT biz and finding time to fix things like this is limited.