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Spark Video Conferencing

Good Morning everyone! I just wanted to put this out to the community if there has been an update on Video Conferencing using Spark; I followed some instructions from an old thread (2013) and had no luck getting it to work. I also found an additional thread that made the suggestion of replacing Spark with Jitsi, and I am not ready to roll out a new messaging client for everyone.

So I guess ultimately I am asking are there any updates (plugins/spark/procedures), any recommendations, or has someone actually got video conferencing to work? Thanks!

Preferably I would like to keep conferencing native to spark (w/o using chrome) and would like a detailed, step-by-step guide on what I Need to do to get things working - I feel like there is something that I am missing completely (like Server-side settings)

This was one of the links I used, which was unsuccessful (it actually crashed my server from the plugin I installed on my test client)

(2013 Thread) Install RTC plugin - A video plugin for Spark using WebRTC

My Server: Openfire 4.1.4 Release

Clients: Spark

There is currently no easy, out of the box option for Spark. The only recent one i know of is SparkMeet - Spark Plugin for Openfire Meetings but i wasn’t able to make it work and personally i don’t like that i have to install and configure Meetings plugin (which based on a volume of questions in the forums is not very straightforward) and that it is more suited for group chats in a room than quick ad-hoc video chats.

Honestly, that’s a good start - This is going to be an option for a handful of people, and they are going to be the ones using a video chat feature between themselves. I just wanted to get this up and running with as minimal changes as possible; the last thing I want to do is go changing a bunch of settings, ports, and plugins just for a handful of people. I will give Sparkmeet a shot - worst case scenario, i load those few people with Jitsi.

Does anyone else have any recommendations, or examples of what they did to get their video chat / video conferencing up and running? Thanks

I’m on the same place that you were 3 years ago, and i wonder did you found any solution and maked it work?

You can try using Pade for video conferences: