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Openfire Pàdé 1.0.2 released!

The Ignite Realtime community is happy to announce the availability of Openfire Pàdé v1.0.2.

This release has a new feature that enables Jitsi Meet participants to share their screen cursor positions and mouse clicks. See this feature request for more details.

Jitsi Meet is updated to build 4383 and this may be the last upgrade with Jitsi JVB1. Openfire Meetings (ofmeet plugin) cannot proceed to JVB2 until this issue is fixed. Consequently, this issue will remain outstanding, causing Jitsi Meet mobile to stop working with Openfire Meetings.

Pàdé web client is upgraded to version 1.6.11 and now has support for using chrome.storage.local and chrome.storage.sync in Converse

For a desktop experience, you install the Pàdé browser extension from the Google Chrome app store or Microsoft Edge app store. For a web or progressive web app experience, you install the Openfire plugins and access (by default: https://your_server:7443/pade) from your favorite desktop or mobile web browser

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Thank you very much for doing this, a query, the planner tab is not showing correctly since I update to openfire 4.6 how can I solve it and I would appreciate any help to get this up and running using fullcalendar, thanks in advance for your help and for this great plugin

Thanks for the kind words. I am unable to reproduce your issue. This is my screenshot

What is not showing correctly? I am assuming you created a groupchat bookmark for the meeting and added users or groups, otherwise it won’t show.

Thanks for your quick response, I am sending you screenshots so you can see what my problem is, I don’t know that I may be overlooking me, I would appreciate any help


PS: I only let myself upload an image but I have created the bookmarks excuse my English

See if you can capture some browser console log errors or even openfire errors in the server log files

ok here i send it to you, thanks for your time


How could I use the service through the https standard port or 443