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Spark Web How to connect

Spark Newbie

At work we just started to use spark we are in a few different locations in the cuntry so need to comunicate quickly on tthe fly.

I am home now and off for a few days.

I still need to keep in touch we have been doing this via email but I would like to use spark.

I downloaded the aplication but can not seem to login.

Can I use SparkWeb to connect with my co workers? And how do I find them from here.

Any thoughts anyone?

You would need to be logged into VPN then just ad the server name and try ti sign in.

OK so I can not access this form home. Correct. I am watching my slaes guys and seeing some thing I wanted to help them with. How about a web version would that conect me to the guys?

You have not given enough information for us to help you find a solution.

Is your Openfire server accessible from a public IP address?.

Is it on a private network with a VPN that lets you access it from the Internet?

At work it is a private network. A secure server.

My work computer I use I logo into a remote desktop. I am in Florida the server is in Louisiana where most of the folks work.

So I am assuming that is the reson, or is there a way form home to access the vpn. I am usig a mac the work computer is a thin client windows machine.

I really apriciate yuor help.

Is there anything else you need. And is there a way to conect to the vpn from home. I guess I am a workaholic I kind of never stop.

Thank you for yuor help.

OK I seem to understand.

I can set up the vpc on my mac system preferences.

I need to be into the secured server to be able to comunicate through Spark.

So when I go the office I can find all that information on my work machine and just input that onto my laptop and it should work or do I need the IT guys to assist me with that?

You will need to have the IT folks help you. Most jobs require a secure

token to access VPN so you may need to get this special access.

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