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Spark will not connect to external IP while inside the network but other clients do

I am trying to push Spark through a firewall and am experiencing something weird.

I port forwarded 5222-5223 to my openfire server from any interface.

From Outside my network I can connect Spark, Pidgin, and Xabber to my external IP address. Everything is great.

From inside I can connect Pidgin and Xabber to my external IP address, but Spark will not connect. It does connect to the internal IP address of the server, but I don’t want users to have to change the login server when they are in or away. I’m thinking that there is a port I forgot. Is there a port that Spark uses that other XMPP clients don’t? Could it have something to do with certificates?


Ben Spain

I figured it out. I was using two separate computers for pidgin and spark. One was set to only use TLS1.2. I corrected this and it works,.