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Spark will not launch for single user

Looking to see if anyone has had this issue before or has a resolution on how to resolve it.

We have a single user who newly has the spark client installed however the program will no longer launch.

They have the newest version of the client, 2.8.3. I have found that upon a fresh install the program will launch a few times (2 or 3) and then will never launch again. Looking at the process monitor i see the exe start and run for a moment but then stop. No errors that i could find in event viewer or the log files for Spark itself.

I have uninstalled the program, removed the C:\Program files folder as well as the folder under the user profile (User/AppData/Roaming/ Spark) and reinstalled but still running into the same problem. Java has been updated as well (at this point i’m just throwing ideas out).

The only way i have found to resolve this is to delete the user specific profile (User/AppData/Roaming/ Spark) yet after a few executions of the program we run into the same problem.


Have you checked the logs in appdata/roaming/spark/logs? As you said you have updated java, do you run version without java included? Try version with bundled java.

I have checked the logs and the only thing i find is the following,

“org.jivesoftware.smack.SmackException$NoResponseException: No response received within reply timeout. Timeout was 10000ms”

The only version of Spark we have tried is the version that includes Java JRE, i will attempt with the version that does not include Java JRE and follow-up.


Well, that error is probably the most common and the most useless of all. I see it hundreds of time when everything seem to work fine…

Usually using the bundled Java is better, so i don’t think using the other version will help. Btw, there are a number of files in the logs category, check them all. Anyway, so far it is very hard to tell what is happening. Some mysterious conflict between some services/apps.