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Spark Window Issues

Hey all… I have my tray icon, I can maximize the window, but when I minimize the window to a normal size… it disappears.

I’‘ve tried simple troubleshooting such as reinstalling the client and java with no avail. Any other ideas how to fix this or if its a serious bug that I don’'t know about?


I did never test if “Hide inactive (TNA) symbols” may hide it, so I may be completely wrong. If you are running WinXP you have the option to configure this. If you right-click on your Taskbar you should get a popup menu where you can select “Settings” and there you should find this option together with the option to show/hide the watch.


Well, perhaps I was vague with what I mean… the tray always has the spark icon, I can maximize the window and see everything… when I try to make the window a normal size it is not visible. So it’‘s either FULL screen or not on the screen at all… it’'s rather annoying having to maximize it just to IM someone!

Does that clarify?

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It sounds like the window many be parked or hidden “off screen.”

When you go to the normal size window, I’'d look behind the taskbar (by lowering it,) and on the extreme edges of the screen to see if a small piece of it is visible.


so you see it in the Taskbar and in the TNA but you see no normal-sized window? Maybe you did change the resolution and now the normal window is displayed outside your screen. You may right-click Spark in the Taskbar and select ‘‘Move’’ and use the cursor keys.