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Spark Window Text Does not Appear

We have some users that will call in and say that they cannot see the text in the box when a message is sent to them or when they send a message. After a uninstall of the spark client, the issue will sometimes go away for a little bit, but then come back. Anyone else see this, and if so, do you know what the cause and fix are?



It’s a known issue with 2.5.8. You can try 2.6.0 Beta 2. There is no other way to fix this in 2.5.8 than wiping the user’s profile and starting over. Nobody know the cause of this.

as wroot says, upgrade those machines to the latest version of the spark 2.6 build. but I take it one step further and remove all parts of previous installs of spark. the program folder, the profile folder, etc. I also do not use the version of spark with the java runtime included. i use the online version.