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Spark - Windows 7 Graphics Freak Out

Heres a new one! Have a couple users, both on Windows 7 64 bit Pro, running 2.6.3 Spark. When you are logged in as these specific users on their windows profile and attempt to run Spark the screen flashes black then comes back like its in Safe Mode as far as the resolution is concerned. Its like it goes to 800x600. Once you close Spark it flashed black again and goes back to the normal resolution. Now if i log off this user, login as a diff user and run Spark, no issues. Anyone seen this? Have any suggestions? I checked for profile specific services, startup programs, windows updates, etc.

Now if i log off this user, login as a diff user and run Spark, no issues.

Log off Spark user, or Windows user?

Also, for troubleshooting, try the latest nightly build:http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/spark/dailybuilds/spark_2_7_0_648.exe


i’ve never heard of this before… maybe someone else has.

but… it seems that signs are pointing to you have something with those user accounts that is causing this.

please try the nightly build and see if the issue still happens.

It is actually the same thing (log off Windows or Spark user). As he logs in with different Windows user new Spark profile is used, also if he log outs from Spark only and logs with another Spark user, then new Spark profile is used. So, i think something got corrupted with these users profiles maybe. Maybe new build will help (if it overwrites corrupted files). If not, i would try backing up thei profiles and deleting them, starting with a fresh one (then you can copy back spark.properties and transcripts).


Turns out the user had checked off some settings in the icon shortcuts “Compatibility Tab” to run in a lower resolution. Aye aye aye!!!