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Spark + Windows 7 = no idle message?

I’ve got a user on Windows 7 and Spark, the first such combination at this site, and the computer doesn’t correctly trigger idle messages. Even if the user hasn’t been around for hours (example: hasn’t come in for work yet), his computer shows as Active. I confirmed the idle setting is set to 3 minutes.

Any ideas?

We are slowly bringing users up on a 128-user network. One of the next ones we’ll add is running Windows 7. I’ll let you know what we find. Thanks for the heads up.

What version of Spark? 2.5.8? It is 2 years old, or more. It can’t be compatible with recent operating systems. Try 2.6.0 Beta or even latest SVN version to find out is it compatible.

Yes, running Spark 2.5.8. I will try 2.6.0 beta and reply back. I wasn’t aware this version was so old! I admit I’m not terribly familiar with the product. Is Spark still being worked on, or is it being replaced by something new, or is this becoming a forgotten project?

Yes, it is being worked on, but slowly and i can’t say when or will there be a new release. You can try recent versions from here http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1822 But latest code has some annoying bug with chat windows not popping up on new messages, and current developer can’t reproduce or fix it so far.

Hi Wroot,

Is this different from the published Spark 2.6.0.beta2 on http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/beta.jsp ?

What exactly different? Does beta has same bugs as the recent SVN versions? Then, no. As well as it doesn’t have som new features and bug fixes. If you are asking if beta is different from the recent SVN versions, then yes. Beta is much older.

Thanks wroot. I’ll check the recent version in the SVN.

It might be a computer setting…I’m on windows 7 and running 2.5.8 and I get an idle message if I don’t touch the computer for more than 5 minutes

tgtcat6, isn’t is possible you’re using a different version of Windows 7? Maybe you’re using the 32bit version.

Nope, x64 Professional