Spark. windows OC. msi package. CMD command for GPO install

Hello. i `am create MSI package., (Exe to Msi Converter free application),


During installation:

  1. How to remove page “Wellcome” (a CMD command? Or what parameter in ISI package)

  2. How to disable prompting the installation site.

  3. Select start menu folder

4.Select additional task

He!! any body?!?!?

I’m not sure silent switch will work after the conversion to MSI, but you can try using -q switch.

I’m using it with the exe installer. I’m not using Software Installation of the GPO. But i have a cmd script which is launching at Shutdown and then runs exe installer with -q switch.

Here’s a thread for more switches, but i don’t think there is one for 3 or 4. Unattended install