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Spark x Openfire - User or password invalid

Good morning, community.

Sorry for the level of English.

I have Openfire version 4.1.5 installed, associated with AD / DC, on a Linux 64bit Ubuntu Server, Virtual Server with 8.0GB of memory.

The functions are working perfectly, but there are times when some users, at random, can not log Spark into their computers. Displays an invalid user or password. If you keep trying several times, there comes a time when the login is done, but this causes an inconvenience.

I set up the “Java Memory” console for 4.0GB, but it has time that it reaches the maximum. But this problem also occurs in low consumption.

Today I am with approximately 500 users.

The database was installed on the MySQL 64bit Ubuntu Server.

And the Java memory keeps changing until it reaches its maximum, today 4000MB. But, it is not clear that this is causing the invalid user message and password problem.

I put an attached image.

I await new information.

People, thank you for your help.

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