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Spark2.6.3 onto Win7 64-bit - roaming profile filling up

Installing Spark2.6.3 onto Win7 64-bit - roaming profile filling up

The Win admins have our user set up to use roaming profiles, and have a 50MB limit set on it and when installing Spark2.6.3 it takes the roaming profile to over 50MB.

  1. Users logon using roaming profile (50MB cap), has their account settings, is written out to server on logout

  2. Users application data is written to their home directory

How do I get Spark to not use the roaming profile for storage?

As a workaround, I built a version of Spark (using AppDeploy) and removed most of the plugins and a bunch of other stuff, this made the install use about 5MB of the roaming profile, but is not a long term fix as the log files (in the roaming profile) will grow and eventually break things.

Roaming profile path/directories


Under that I have directories *\bin \logs \plugins \resources \user \extra *

and color.settings, spark.properties