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SparkManager Improvements

SparkManager is currently a very basic Client Version Manager only, I would like to see it provide enhanced capabilities to reduce the need to train users on how to install and configure.

Specifically the ability to set:

Server or Host/Port

PreInstall Plugins

Plugins should be able to be served from Manager instead of Internet

Proxy Config

Preinstalled Conference Room Bookmarks

Join Room on Login


Add to that:

Abiltiy to force some settings like:

Start at boot,

Run in tray,

Remove ability to turn off auto login.

That way, when installed in a corporate enviornment as a communication tool we can insure that everyone is available on it.

It would also be great if there were a way to do a silent install or automate the update of the client. I somtimes cringe when a new version comes out and I approve the update in the manager. It’'s a given that the update process (because it requires so much end user interaction,) will generate at least 20 phone calls a day for a couple days.

Thanks guys – both posts contain excellent ideas. Some of them we’‘ve thought about already and others are some new ideas. I’'ve created a meta-issue to track Spark Manager ideas. Feel free to add ideas via comments or to vote for the issue: SPARK-252.



Awesome - submit your votes!