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SparkMeet (video chat using OpenFire w/ ofmeet.jar)


Is there a simple location that I can download the requisite jar file?
I have found a couple of forum postings that mention the recent update, most of them pointing to here:

For various reasons, my organization can’t utilize Chrome and so we still need to use the Spark thick client. Based on what I could read in the forums, there is a Sparkmeet.jar that needs to be placed into the spark/plugins/ directory, but I can’t see to find the actual file to download.

Any help is appreciated.

CentOS 7.4
Spark 2.9.2
Openfire: 4.2.3
OFmeet.jar 0.9.6 Release 3
OFfocus.jar 0.9.6 Release 3
Hazelcast.jar 2.3.0

The jar file is produced when Spark project is build. It is only in the form of source code in GitHub repository. Also, i’m not sure if it will work with 2.9.2, if you just drop the jar. Could work though. You can take the jar file from the nightly build of 2.9.3. https://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-NIGHTLY-1481/artifact/shared/Install4j-generated-media/

But the meet.jar file itself doesn’t contain Pade Meetings (aka SparkMeet). When you first run Spark, it begins downloading all the files. Around 150 MB. Spark also locks up until it finishes downloading. so it can take a while until you can use Spark. There are a few tickets created regarding this:


I have also uploaded meet.jar from my Spark installation folder here.
meet.jar (164.6 KB)

@wroot Thank you for the response!

The system that needs this is an isolated environment, so that helps explain why it isn’t automatically downloading the correct files.

I will try and drop the attached file into the spark client and see if that works.

Additionally, I downloaded the nightly build tar.gz; will the Pade meetings (sparkmeet) be in there anywhere? Or does that only get downloaded? (which won’t work due to the isolated environment).

Again, thank you for you help.

You should install Spark and drop it into user profile on a PC that can connect outside and can login to some server. Because it only starts downloading after login. Then you can go into c/users/user/appdata/roaming/spark/plugins and copy meet folder, which will have all the libraries downloaded. Then you can copy that folder into the same location on isolated machines.

Hi, I was able to add meet plugin, in both side chats the “Pade” button appears, but I have a question:

If I invite to other to start video conference, in my PC “Electron” windows open and send the URL to the other person, but when he click on the link, Internet explorer opens it instead open electron instance…

Is this normal this behavior? Can not use Electron on both sides?


I don’t have means to test this, so i’m not sure how it should work. Maybe @Dele_Olajide can help as he has provided this plugin.

Hi, I have been checking the source code and I saw this function:


Then, If i’m not wrong, when I invite to other, he must to receive an invitation but he only receives the meeting url on chat window (not a pop-up or simitar to “Accept” or “Decline” the meeting.

Could you help me here? Why don’t receive the other part the invitation?


If the other person does not have the plugin installed as well, there is no way to give them a popup. They would only see a link which can only be used to open ofmeet in a browser.

Otherwise, there is an issue. Have a look at the log files to confirm any errors

Hi, thanks for reply!!

The plugin is installed on both sides. In fact, if he send me the invitation, in his PC open meet using electron but in my side only receive link (not the alert).

I’m going to check logs/source.


Hi, I found the problem. I have checked that the invitation alert only works if we start the plugin on a conference, it does not work on a peer-to-peer chat because the function “messageReceived” search on the messages body this pattern:

“/” + roomId + “-”) || body.contains(“meeting”)

In peer-to-peer chat (at least in my case), the “roomId” variable and “meeting” word does not appear on the url, then the alert is not send.

I made changes on meet plugin to addapt it to my needs but I was no able to compile correctly using Eclipse, are there any guide to compile it?


Is there any location that those files are stored that I can just download them? (without having to install server/client and then launch the application)

I haven’t build plugins for a while and i only built Openfire plugins in the past. Not for Spark. But you can try the same process>

You need Maven installed and then: mvn clean package (in cmd inside plugin’s source folder), plugin will be in target dir as NAME-openfire-plugin-assembly.jar (not with version and SNAPSHOT)

I’m not sure if this is possible to just to download from internet (Electron repo). Maybe it is not just downloading files, but also combining and adjusting them for Spark. @Dele_Olajide ?
I have just ran Spark and made it download it, then zipped. 70 MB Here’s the Google Drive link (it is too big to upload here) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tMTIIgG36iyuvL7OHbVovr_ZPRrVGcxE/view?usp=sharing

I skimmed through this file and missed it :smiley: I suppose this one is the file https://github.com/electron/electron/releases/download/v10.1.1/electron-v10.1.1-win32-arm64.zip
But there are newer versions there, like https://github.com/electron/electron/releases/download/v10.1.2/electron-v10.1.2-win32-arm64.zip
The contents of this zip goes into meet\lib\native, but you still need meet-0.0.5.jar in the lib folder and plugin.xml in the meet folder. So it is not just download.

Hi all,

I can’t compile plugin succesfully, I got the error below:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project meet: Could not resolve dependencies f
or project org.igniterealtime.spark.plugins:meet:jar:0.0.5: Could not find artif
act org.igniterealtime.spark:spark-core:jar:2.9.3-SNAPSHOT -> [Help 1]

I have running “mvn clean package” on meet folder, the error is the same compiling with cmd or Eclipse… :frowning:

Any suggestion?