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Sparkphone plugins for spark linux

Hi everyone,

I just moving from Windows to Linux, and I have some problem. At server side I’m using Openfire 3.6.4 and SIP plugins, at client side (spark) i have copy the sparkphone plugins, First I don’t get the sparkphone plugin appear at my spark (linux), after doing some seaarching i came to this discusion and i’m doing some editing at sparkphone.jar (plugins.xml) and adding Linux at OS section. after that the sparkphone is appear at my spark linux, but i can not recieve or make a call.

Please, any body can give me a clue?

Regards -Teguh -

Actually, the Sparkphone dosen’t work under linux.

I work on it. I can attach the latest version to this thread the next days.

It will works on Linux and Windows.

Thanks, I’m looking forward for it…


here is the latest version of spark with fmj. I have replaced jmf with fmj. Actually I don’t have tested it with the installer, but I will do this next week. :slight_smile:

At the moment I was very busy. :frowning:

The file was to big. I have moved to an ftp server
FMJ_PATCH.patch (243664 Bytes)

Thanks for fast response…I’ve download the files, could you teach me how to running those apps (plugins) specialy the patch?

Thank you

Only execute java -jar spark-installer.jar. Then you have an installer.

This is the latest version of spark from my workspace.