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Sparkplug Day!

Hey all,

Thought I’‘d post up a link to a short article about Sparkplug day before it’'s “officially” published tomorrow.




Where can we download those?

Hi David,

you should be able to download some of them or even all together with Spark version 1.1 the 9th February (at 9:45 AM EST / 18:45 GMT according to Derek).


So is it really coming out today?

It is indeed. We’'re starting the upload process soon, but it will take at least a few hours to get everything set for launch. Thanks everyone for their patience!


P.S. – I’‘m sad to say that the Reversi plugin isn’'t quite ready for release yet. Most of the features work pretty well, but there are a few fundamental things missing like “end of game” detection. Maybe I can post up a build of the plugin in the forums so that people can at least play with it.

It is. We are in the process of putting everything up. Some of the stuff is:

  1. New Spark 1.1

  2. New Spark Manager

  3. Sparkplugs Developer’'s guide and build environment.

  4. New Sparkplugs repository

  5. New Sparkplugs to play around with.

  6. Better Mac Build.

  7. New Linux Build.



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Any idea if this will be up by end of business day? I’'d like to get this up today if possible, the minions need their new emoticons.