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Sparkplug for autologin and dynamic status update

My company has a rather desperate need for a sparkplug. We currently use Spark 2.5.8 client with the OpenFire 3.6.3 server. We have developers available to help complete this but none of which are proficient in the 1.4 JRE. Here is the short list of requirements we have.

  • When a user logs in to our third-party application, we need:
    • Spark client launched
    • Spark client auto-logged in based on passing of unique username/password from third-party app
    • User’s Spark Status (Presence) set to be the computer’s Windows Computer Description value
  • When status changes to Idle, need the Status set back to Computer Description when user returns
  • When user logs out of third-party app, Spark is logged out and closed as well
  • Work with our developers on the passing of username, password, and logout handshakes

One of our developers has made a first pass at the sparkplug but has run out of time and patience. We could provide this code if necessary.

So anyway… If anyone out there knows of a plug that already exists that is similar that would be great. We are also willing to contract an experience sparkplug writer or javascript pro to write this.

Please contact me asap. We are motivated to complete this in a very short timeframe.