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Sparks 1.1.0 Linux Seems a bit buggy

I installed Sparks for Linux 1.1.0 on my SUSE 10.0 Box today.


  1. It sometimes won’'t get past the authentication process.

  2. It wont log off unless closed out

  3. Its showing the user thats using the client as online in the roster

Hi Gandor,

Could you elaborate on the autentication process. Does it just hang and not show anything? Also, are you saying it’'s showing yourself in your roster? Could you try with another client to verify that this is a Spark specific bug. I just want to pinpoint if this is a server or client issue.



Also, I forgot to ask. How do you like the look of Spark on Linux? We still have a lot of work to do in terms of native tie-ins, but we are happy with our first release of it. Feedback is always welcome.



yes the Linux sparks client is showing me in my roster.

I’‘ve been using Kopete on my Linux box for some time now and haven’‘t had any problems so i don’'t think is a server problem…

Server version is Wildfire 2.4.4

When i run the shell script sparks starts i of course supply all the needed login information and click Login everything connects just fine…

When i try and log off Sparks will not log off. So I close Sparks and reopen it and try to logon again and Sparks gets to the point “authenticating…” and Stalls. It doesn’'t lockup because I can close it with no problem.

If I wait for a minute or two the server finally realizes the user is no longer connected and logs the user off then sparks will connect again…

To answer you question on how I like the look of Sparks on Linux. I find it’‘s look and feel to be very similar to the windows Sparks Client they both have a simple look and are very easy to navigate. In my experience in IT with both Windows and Linux I find it much easier when my end users have a familiar interface on any OS. I have been migrating all my local clients to Linux and Sparks makes my life so much easier. I have several remote windows clients that won’'t be migrating. Thank you very much for the Linux version of Sparks !

I cannot figure out why it would be showing you in your roster. I’'ll look into that further. As for the log out issue, I am able to repro this and will have it fixed in 1.1.1.

Bug # SPARK-215.



thanks ddman,

maybe myself showing up in the roster has to do with groups?.. Just a thought