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Spark's Meetings plugin - issues with initiating a meeting

And here’s the second question, which deals with Spark’s Meetings plugin.

I’m using:

  • Openfire 4.1.5
  • Spark 2.8.3 (on both ends)
  • ofmeet.jar 0.9.1 (from the plugins page)
  • offocus.jar 0.9.1 (from the plugins page)

Using the source code from https://github.com/igniterealtime/Spark:

With this repo, I’ve downloaded the files, modified the pom.xml file in the base directory by uncommenting the plugins/meet module, and compiled it with Maven. I then copied the meet.jar file from /distribution/target/distribution-base/plugins to Spark’s plugins directory. I also found the meet-0.0.3-spark-plugin.jar file in the /plugins/meet/target directory, which hashed to the same. (Though I found that the meet-0.0.3.jar file in this same directory didn’t work.)

When using this 0.0.3 version on Spark, I *do *get the Meetings button in the chat window. However, what this does — in both 0.0.2 or 0.0.3 — is generate a URL in the format: xmppdomain.com:7443/ofmeet/?r=roomname

However, this doesn’t work because I need the URL to be generated with *im.*xmppdomain.com, which is my FQDN.

If I manually enter the im. in the URL, it takes me to some sort of “splash page” (image attached) with a link at the top of the page linking to im.xmppdomain.com:7443/ofmeet/jitsi-meet/ which loses the chosen room name. This link takes me to the JitsiMeet page where you can type in a room name (or have it generate one randomly for you). This bypasses the benefit of the generated URL.

What I’m trying to avoid is using a web browser altogether. Just like @Dele Olajide mentions and shows here. I know Dele mentions Electron Atom in that post. Is there some sort of Electron library I need to download and install for Spark to be able to utilize the “internal” meetings webapp?

So, to summarize:

  • Is there a way to replace the XMPP domain in the generated Meetings URL with the FQDN?
  • Is there a way to bypass the Jitsi “splash page” if I have to use the browser to join the meeting?
  • Am I missing something to do the meeting webapp completely internal to Spark?

Thanks SO MUCH for the hard work on this whole endeavor! And thanks in advance for the help on these matters! If you need any other information from me, by all means, ask away!


1 - Regular clients have to login to domain, not fqdn of a server. To workaround this usually one has to have a DNS SRV record pointing to 5222 and fqdn (probably should work for bosh too) Configuring DNS for instant messaging

2 - It might be that Spark Meet plugin is already outdated as it was uploaded to Spark’s repo like half a year ago or so and Ofmeet plugin is constantly changing. Not sure if Dele plans to do work on it.

Spark plugin is indeed outdated and will be updated at some point.

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You can create a properties file to force the correct name. You may have to look at the source code to get the name and correct location of this file.

Thanks for the responses, Dele and wroot!

I have the DNS SRV record already in place, which is why I was confused as to where to go next. I’d actually used a link from the Community to setup the DNS SRV records: Definitive Setup Guide incl File Transfer Proxy (port 7777)

Does either of you know why https://im.servername.com:7443/ofmeet/r?=anyroomname takes me to the description page for Meetings? This description page has a link at the top to take me to im.servernname.com:7443/ofmeet/jitsi-meet. The room name at that point gets lost. I’ve tried /ofmeet/jitsi-meet/r?=roomname which gives me the same /jitsi-meet page where a room name can be typed in. Is there something I’ve not configured?