Spark's project not including some of the Smack libraries

While trying to update Spark’s Smack to the latest version i have noticed that Spark is not including:

  • smack-jingle-old.jar (maybe it is needed somewhere, like in PC to PC calls or even SIP?)
  • smack-resolver-dnsjava.jar (there is smack-resolved.javax.jar though, so maybe it replaces the dnsjava one, but it is still included in the Smack package (maybe that’s for Android to use)
  • smack-resolver-minidns.jar (same as above)
  • smack-sasl-provided.jar (there is smack-sasl-javax.jar, maybe same as with resolver this one is only needed for Android apps?)

Wonder if we are not missing something in the Spark.

Well, i have found the smack-jingle-old.jar. It is just sitting in the plugins\jingle folder. Found it in the Eclipse’s Build Config. But it is there as smack-jingle.old-4.1.7.jar, which is not very convenient (should not use version numbers in the path). Now to update it to 4.1.8 i will have to rename it to 4.1.7 or not?

speedy did some cleanup and removed unused libs. SPARK-1771 Update Smack to 4.1.8 version by speedy01 · Pull Request #182 · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub