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SparkWeb 1.0 Released

SparkWeb 1.0 has been released. SparkWeb is a commercial extension to Openfire that adds rich web-based instant messaging.

Is it possible to customize sparkweb. Nothing major, just changing the way it looks, kinda like skinning the spark client. any help is appreciated.

Hi Alex,

it looks nice but I have some problems which may be related to Firefox.

  1. “Start Chat” works, but if I enter “foo” instead of "foo@example.com" SparkWeb opens a new tab called “null” and the window is not closed. “Add Contact” may have the same problem as “Start Chat”. ==> Is it possible to add "@example.com" to the windows which open so one is aware that the domain must be specified and can be changed?

  2. Messages in “Client provided invalid session:” seem to correlate with disconnects.

  3. MUC allows to create new rooms, the new popup window may disappear in the background.

MUC allows to create new rooms, one can open the popup window two times and enter two times the same data. Pressing OK in both windows causes trouble.

  1. Some windows have a scroll bar as they are sized a little bit too small.

  2. It seems to be impossible to get the JID of a user on my roster, there is no tool tip available.

  3. A p2p chat is displayed with the bulb before the name and without the domain. A mu chat is displayed with the MUC icon before the name but there the domain is appended. This makes MUC entries in the tab very long.

7: Scrolling stops if a long conversation is in the new activated tab.

  1. MUC: The topic is never displayed, “Topic” is displayed instead.

  2. I did try to create a room with room name “Room Name” and topic “Topic Name” - the room is still in state ‘‘Joining “Room Name” …’’

  3. https://server:8483/sparkweb/ displays the login, but login is not possible. It takes very long, then the roster is displayed but Openfire’'s info log contains a lot of “Packet sent to unreachable address” messages and if I try to execute an action the login screen is displayed again, message in warn.log is “Client provided invalid session”.

  4. SparkWeb can not send messages to resources, I can send a message from “foo@host/Spark” to “foo@host/spank” without problems but “foo@host/spank” can’'t send messages to “foo@host/Spark”.

  5. The session tab in Openfire shows this exception when I select “On The Road”: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No enum const class org.xmpp.packet.Presence$Show.onroad

at java.lang.Enum.valueOf(Unknown Source)

at org.xmpp.packet.Presence$Show.valueOf(Presence.java:377)

at org.xmpp.packet.Presence.getShow(Presence.java:136)

instead of displaying the active users ( /session-summary.jsp ). “On Phone” causes the same problems.

  1. It seems that SparkWeb uses HTTP polling instead of binding, this causes a lot of data overhead.


I second that the https://server:port/sparkweb is non-functional… It takes a REALLY long time to log in, randomly disconnects and doesn’'t show accurately who is online.


I install openfire enterprise and also sparkweb. Sparweb disconect alone many times and no any solution.

I post about this four days before and ignite or any member of the forum answer about this.

I like Sparweb but if no work in no really interesting.

Only i look the solution of install jwchat and make my on windows client I no take risk for software no really tester