Sparkweb access through webserver as proxy

I’m prefacing this with the following statement. If it is not possible to pass the connection from the internet through a webserver (apache) to an internal openfire server, you really don’t have to read this, just respond that it is not possible please!

I know someone out there has had to set this up, but i cannot figure it out or find an explanation. Due to policies, we don’t want to give our openfire server a DNS entry and external IP and want to pass the connection through a proxy. We can use sparkweb or spark, but I think Sparkweb would be preffered. Currently the webserver ProxyPass is setup like this.

ProxyPass /sparkweb http://{openfire server IP}:9090/sparkweb/

ProxyPassReverse /sparkweb http://{openfire server IP}:9090/sparkweb/

which enables me to hit and pull down the sparkweb page.

I’ve tried the below two (among many other) SparkWeb.html configs to try to get the connection to pass through the proxy to our openfire server

with the following entries in the webserver. ProxyPass /sparkweb [http://](http://){openfire server IP}:9090/sparkweb/ ProxyPassReverse /sparkweb [http://](http://){openfire server IP}:9090/sparkweb/ ProxyPass /spark/ [http://](http://){openfire server IP}:5222 ProxyPassReverse /spark/ [http://](http://){openfire server IP}:5222 ProxyPass :5229 [http://](http://){openfire server IP}:5229 ProxyPassReverse :5229 [http://](http://){openfire server IP}:5229 but the connection won't pass through. I'm certain I'm either doing something wrong or it is just not possible to pass the connection through the web server. Any help or ideas are appreciated!