Sparkweb and connection manager

Hello all!

I have been completely unable to get Sparkweb working with connection manager. The connection manager works for standard clients, but not at all for Sparkweb. I am able to use Sparkweb to connect to the server directly.

My dilemna is this. My A record directs to a webhost on a different IP. Since Sparkweb apparently doesn’t care about SRV records, it’s looking for my Openfire server at I would like clients to login with name @ instead of name @ in Sparkweb. I figured putting a connection manager on the Web box would be a good idea… but thus far, it’s not working.

Any ideas?



I think I found the problem… not sure of the solution yet.

The issue was where Sparkweb was running from, and in turn I would guess a Flash security issue.

If my domain is and I am running from, Sparkweb errors out. Is there any way I can relax the security?