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SparkWeb + Asterisk Plugin

Hi All,

I was trying to implement Call Option in Sparkweb.

I have installed both Openfire(3.6.2) and Asterisk Server in the same linux system.

I have also installed the Asterisk Plugin in Openfire and gave the settings.

But no use for me. If I am user1 and making a call to user2. I(user1) can’t hear user2 voice and user2 can’t hear my voice.

I don’t know what mistake I have made.

Settings are as follows:

  1. I have created two users in iax.conf file.

  2. Also created the same users in openfire Users/Group Tab.

  3. And also given the mappings to the two users in Asterisk Plugin.

I have given the commands in asterisk as “ngrep -d lo -s 1500 port 5038 -T” & “asterisk -r”. But I couldn’t see any logs in Openfire aswellas Asterisk.

  1. Chat is working fine. But call is not working.

Can anybody please help(any document) me in making the Call work in Sparkweb.

Thanks in advance.


Gouri Prasad.