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SparkWeb Client Server Field Issue

I just completed a full installation of Openfire on my Linux/nginx server with success. It’s fully functioning inside and outside my home network. I’ve tested it with several chat and IM clients so the openfire server is ok. I’m having a terrible time trying to find a chat client that I can embed into my web pages just for a simple community chat box. I’ve installed SparkWeb in hopes of a simple solution. I installed the files in their proper location and opened all necessary ports. I’ve changed the server settings in index.html file to my local server IP address. I can login just fine on my internal network, however when I access the SparkWeb page from the internet the server field still reads igniterealtime.org and it wont accept connections if I change it to the local server address I added in the index.html file. I have done all of the cache purging and service restarts and it still comes up the same. My next step is to crawl through all of the code in the entire directory in hopes of finding something I’ve missed unless anyone has found a solution that I’m ignorant of. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Frustrated in Hampton