Sparkweb create new account

I installed SparkWeb binary (0.9 // 3.5.1 - and it works pretty good… except I can’t create new users using SparkWeb.

Anyone with the same issue or is only me with this error?. As I said I can login and chat perfect with existing users or I can create an user using other jabber clients and then login it using SpaekWeb, but I can’t create the new account using Sparkweb…

Anyone can help?


Anyone with the same issue or is only me with this error?

I think this is simply not implemented in SparkWeb.

However, you could provide an webinterface where users can create new accounts. Take a look on the Registration plugin and the WebReg plugin.

SparkWeb account creation should work fine… I’ve used it to create several test accounts on ignite.

oh…there is a “create account” button…

I’m having the same problem when trying to create a new account, the error is “unable to create account”

me too

sparkweb can login but cannot create accounts

I’m having the same issue…