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Sparkweb Error: #2048 "Security Error"

Dear, Good Day!

I am having trouble connecting the sparkweb, the internal network of computers, all my less access.

The following error occurs security:

"There was a security error of type: securityError

Error: Error # 2048 "

Firewall is disabled, has noticed Java, Flesh, but is still experiencing the same mistake.

Someone knows about?

As you and look forward.


Sometimes working without error, others after clearing your browser’s cache the Sparweb back function.

But still do not know why this “security error” occurs.

If anyone knows, please comment.

Sandro - Angellira

Hey Sandro,

This error usually occurs when the address in the browser does not match the address you’re inputing in the ‘server’ field of sparkweb. That is, if to access your sparkweb client you point your browser to http://external.com/plugins/enterprise/sparkweb/index.jsp you must use the login information ‘username’@external.com’.

Hope this helps,