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SparkWeb fails to initiate chat

I just started using Openfire with SparkWeb and ran into a wall after a few hours of trying to connect the users from different servers to chat with each other. I have two Openfire server installations on two separate boxes with different IP addresses: and 199, and I have different users created on each server; I am using the embedded db. Users for the same server can chat with each other fine but cannot reach users on the other server. What’‘s the normal behavior folks have seen? I’'d appreciate any pointer/suggestion on what I might be missing/mis-configured.

I am using Firefox on my Windows box and Safari 2.0.4 on my Mac; running Openfire 3.3.2 and instsalled SparkWeb from the Plugins tab in the Openfire Admin Console, therefore I assume it’'s the latest SparkWeb beta.

Thank you in advance.


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