SparkWeb: How do you make it work?

I have modified the SparkWeb.html file only in that the server is now my chat server. When I try to login to my server I get not authorized. When I point to the ignite server it works no problem. I am not sure where to go from here as there is no real clear documentation that I have found.

My server is accessable externally via standard spark client. Do i need other ports opened for sparkweb to work? Seems odd that it works ok for but not my server. We do address port forwarding from an external IP to an internal IP. The DNS name is the same for both IPs. Any help would be appreciated.

Same over here! Refer to my latest posts in this doc for further informations.[d-1515]

My machine can connect using IE, but firefox does not work niether do any other machines. If I put it on an internal server it works fine. There must be a port I am missing or something.

Switching to http-bind from segment was the solution for my configuration.