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SparkWeb issues: federation, disconnects

I installed SparkWeb 1.0.0.beta4 and have observed the following issues:

  1. As other users have reported, I can’'t log in via the https port in a reasonable amount of time.

  2. Using the http port, I can log in okay, but tend to get knocked back to the login screen suddenly with no warning.

  3. There is no way to create or join a chat except on the home server.

  4. Although I can chat with a user on another server, the displayed JIDs show only usernames, no domain names.

  5. If my username on the home server matches the username of the JID I am chatting with, the display won’'t show timestamps and attributions except for the first message:

(10:56:42 AM) ghudson: test

test reply

Actually, when I tried repeating this test, I didn’'t see the reply messages at all; the window title would flash that there was 1 new chat message, but nothing would be displayed.

If I chat with someone on another server whose username doesn’‘t match mine, I get more reasonable behavior, except for not seeing that person’'s domain name.

  1. (This may be more of an Openfire server issue) When I send a message to a user on another server, the message appears to the recipient as being from a bare JID with no resource.
  1. This has been reported and filed: JM-1045

  2. This is a more difficult one to diagnose without some more information, so we will add it to: SWEB-49

  3. I assume you mean a group chat: SWEB-83

  4. No domain names when chatting with users from another server: SWEB-85

  5. This is encompassed in this issue: SWEB-84

  6. Do you have a subscription to this user? If not, the message should goto the full JID only after it receives a message from the user on the other server - we can’'t send with the first message because we do not have their full JID.

Thanks for the Feedback!


Excellent, thanks.

On issue 6: I understand that the message might go to the bare JID; the problem is that it is appearing to be from the bare JID when the recipient sees it on another server.

I can reproduce this using only Gaim, so it’'s definitely not a SparkWeb issue. If I send from systest@openfireserver to ghudson@openfireserver, the message comes from systest@openfireserver/Gaim. If I send from systest@openfireserver to ghudson@otherserver, the message comes from systest@openfireserver–the resource of the sender appears to have been stripped off.

Thats interesting. I am going to test this myself and get back to you.



Can you see in Gaim who the exact message is coming from? Perhaps, Gaim is not putting a from on the message packet? I will have to check the RFCs for what the behavior should be in this situation, whether Openfire should attach the bare JID or the full JID.



My apologies; if I do a protocol trace, I see that the from address of the stanza does in fact show the resource. This is a Gaim display foible of some kind, not an issue with any Jive product. (I think Gaim 1.5 chooses not to display the resource if the message received is from someone on your roster.)