SparkWeb + Jingle = Win?


Now that Adobe has released Flash Player 10 Beta with Speex support, I think it is technically feasible to support proper Jingle Audio chat in SparkWeb.

The point is that it would enable Web client to Desktop client audio chats.

Please discuss expectations, limitations (I guess Red5 support would be needed too), ideas etc.

Maybe it could be made into Google Summer of Code 2009 project, if nobody takes this project until then.

Since pretty much “everything” revolves around Web nowadays, XMPP/Jabber community might benefit tremendously from this project. Of course, having the software/technology is one thing, using it in creative & useful (and possibly money-making) ways is another.

I need to look into options for taking advantage of Flash 10 features while maintaining Flash 9 support. Hopefully it’ll be feasible…

When the details for Flash 10 emerge, you may probably find that the new RTMFP (Real Time Messaging Flow Protocol) will only work with Adobe FMS. Red5 support is not guaranteed and may depend on Adobe’s generosity. Flash 10 with RTMFP is only available for private beta. In any case, the use of UDP and P2P for media makes it very promising and much scalable than all current flash VOIP solutions.

I am hoping the Speex codec can be used with RTMP because that will help what works right now with SIP in the Red5 plugin until RTMFP becomes accessible. When I started work on adding SIP to the Red5 plugin, I wanted to use Jingle, but my efforts to get RTMP adopted by the XMPP community (Flash transport for Jingle proto) did not get far, so I went for SIP instead since there were open source SIP plugins for both Openfire and Spark and Asterisk 1.4 can bridge the GoogleTalk implementation of Jingle to SIP.

Even though I have forked SparkWeb to replace my own Flex XMPP client (Syabel), I am happy to contribute the SIP phone enhancements back to the main SparkWeb development if needed.