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Sparkweb license issue


I think Openfire and Spark are great software, but the lack of documentation is driving me crazy and eventually to switch to another server.

I’'m testing the free version in my company (about 300 users) to see how the drill goes and if i approve it, then buy the enterprise version.

I’‘m impressed so far, but there are glitches that are driving me crazy and i’‘m starting to wonder if this isn’'t a waste of time.

Web chat is a key feature.

I’‘ve asked this twice and no answered. That’'s fine, no one is obliged to help the fellow next door.

But i don’‘t believe that there isn’‘t here anyone that hasn’'t installed sparkweb and inserted the 30 days free trial license.

I’'ve already drained my brain trying to discover how to do it, but without success.

When i access:


(I’'ve changed to 8081 because I have a Zope in 8080)

all i get is:

"License Not Found

No license file was found. SparkWeb requires a valid Openfire Enterprise license.

Need an evaluation license? Register for a 30-day evaluation license at jivesoftware.com."



Still, i can’'t figure it out how to create groups using OpenLDAP (another key feature).

Looked all over in the forums (actually the Openfire docs) and didn’'t find.

I guess one must have psychic powers to configure Openfire.

If there is someone out there willing to give me an hand, i’'d be much appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

Do you have the Enterprise plugin installed also? Once it’'s installed, the form for entering the license will appear on the main page of the Enterprise tab.


Thank you for your answer.

I can’'t find in the site no such thing as an enterprise webspark plugin.

Do you know its whereabouts ?

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

You can install the enterprise plugin from within the Openfire admin console itself. Simply log into the admin console, and click on the enterprise tab.

If you want to purchase the enterprise plugin, please go to jivesoftware.com

Hope this helps!


Thank you for your answer.

But that will install Openfire Enterprise, isn’'t it ?

I only want Sparkweb’'s Enterprise plugin.

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamtio

There is only one Enterprise plugin.

For you to use webchat (Fastpath), you need to install the Enterprise plugin on Openfire.

SparkWeb, the web equivalent of Spark, does not have the Fastpath functionality. You need to run Spark itself with Openfire enterprise.

After having Spark with OpenFire enterprise installed, you can get and deploy webchat, which is what you put within your web application that allows for customers to chat to agents. Does that make sense?

Yes, it makes sense.

One final question: after the 30 days the whole shebang will stop working or what ?

Warm Regards,

Mário Gamito

after 30 days, my understanding is openfire returns back to the free version, no more enterprise plugin, fastpath, etc.